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what is koutea?
Kou Tea is a unique blend of 4 of the most powerful teas in the word. Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and White Tea. This powerful blend will burn fat, detox your body, boost your metabolism and fuel your body with energy, nutrients, and vitamins.

Each of the four teas has an extra benefit:

Green tea- Enhances fat burning without exercise and boosts your metabolism making you look slimmer faster.
 White tea-It works as an antioxidant, this can help remove many of the free radicals that make your skin look old. It is an excellent way to lose weight, too.
 Pu-erh tea-Helps lower blood cholesterol levels by helping remove free radicals from the body. It also enhances digestion; proper digestion relieves many health problems like upset stomachs and painful colon issues.
 Oolong tea- It contains polyphenol which boosts your metabolism and controls obesity.

Why should I believe this is true?

Check the facts online! The information is available for anyone to read, there is proof published by many international studies.
 Safe- koutea is 100% organic tea, it' s the best way to cut all of the extra calories that your body doesn't need.

Why doesn’t everybody know about this?

The reason is simple. Because is not owned by a multi-national company who can control access, and it cannot be licensed to one pharmaceutical mega-company. Even your doctor won't tell you about this thermogenic tea because he won't make money out it.

koutea is a deliciously light and refreshing synergetic blend of the finest Green, white, Oolong, and Pu-erh teas. By drinking koutea every day, you will quickly reach your goals you will never gain excess weight as long as you keep drinking the tea.

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